Safety Tips When Riding Uber and Lyft

Recently there has been an increase awareness in abductions in the US even when riding in a Uber or Lyft car service. Here are some helpful tips you should follow when using any ride share service.

  1. Wait for your ride in a safe well lit area.

  2. Always verify the license plate, car make model and color against your app.

  3. Check to see if the child lock is on.

  4. The driver should know your name via app.

  5. Share your ride with family or friends by using the trip sharing features.

  6. Don't fall asleep while riding

  7. Be aware of the route the driver is taking

  8. Do not share personal information.

  9. Be awre of you surroundings when entering and exiting the vehicle.

  10. TRUST YOUR GUT !!!!

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