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KYOKUSHIN, in Japanese means "Ultimate Truth". The name was selected by our founder, Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama to describe the pinnacle of martial arts training. Not an end result, but a never ending path to the point where dedication, perseverance and sweat meets strength, humility and wisdom.


Kyokushin has influenced many of the "Full-Contact" schools of karate, emphasizing realistic combat, physical toughness, and practicality in its training curriculum.

Dallas Kyokushin is located in Dallas /Farmers Branch TX. We follow the traditions and philosophy of Sosai Mas Oyama. As it stands we are the only official Kyokushin dojo in the DFW area.  We are a martial arts school dedicated in providing quality instruction in Masutatsu Oyama's full contact style known as Kyokushinkai Karate

Dallas Kyokushin provides a safe and realistic approach to martial arts training and supportive environment, to help our students to develop their physical, mental and spiritual strength by teaching them how to increase in their confidence and self-esteem.

Dallas Kyokushin practitioners will practice and achieve  EXCELLENCE by training in the Martial Way standards set by Mas Oyama.

"We will always look towards wisdom and strength and not seeking other desires"

We practice a BUDO style martial arts.

Our Kyokushin affiliation is with the World Kyokushin Budokai (WKB)

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